Playlist for an As-Yet-Unstarted YA Novel

After what seemed like forever, I finally released An Uneasy Inheritance, Book 4 of the Kyrie Carter: Supernatural Sleuth series in August of this year. My original intention was to end Kyr’s series with Book 4 and then move on to other things for awhile.

But you know what they say about our best-laid plans.

As it turns out, even though Uneasy was and is quite the beast of a book (626 pages), it did not end where I wanted it to end, necessitating a fifth book. I know, some of you are cheering, while others are probably groaning.

In any event…

This post is actually in reference to what comes after the KC:SS series–a YA series that follows the adventures of Spook and Kyr’s teenage children (yeah, there’s a spoiler for you), and Drac’s and Gabe’s offspring as well. The first story in that series will follow Spook and Kyr’s oldest son Declan as he travels to Pawley’s Island, South Carolina in search of the Gray Man. If you know anything about the Gray Man legend, you can probably guess that a hurricane will play a significant part of the story.

That being said, as this story is beginning to take shape in my mind, if not on paper yet, I’ve been listening to some songs that at least mention hurricanes, tornadoes, or storms in general. So just for fun, here are some of those songs.

  1. Hurricane in the USA – I came across this song quite by accident when I was looking for something else. “Party in the USA” was on one of my playlists some time ago, but I had forgotten about Bridgit Mendler’s “Hurricane.” I absolutely love this mashup! It’s a lot of fun, and it gets me up and dancing around, even when I’m tired.
  2. Adalaida – This is one from my country music days. I’m not a particular fan of George Strait, but this is just a fun song to listen to and sing.
  3. Down at the Twist and Shout – Another one from my country music days. Actually, the first time I heard this was on a country cover album by the Chipmunks (don’t judge me, huh?), so I looked up the original and really liked it.
  4. Bad Moon Rising – Probably the most classic natural disaster song in existence. It’s a bit more foreboding than the others, so it really hints at how dangerous Declan’s adventure becomes, and not necessarily on the paranormal side of things. (This video is a treat too!)
  5. Rock You Like a Hurricane – Of course, Declan being Spook’s son, he’s going to have a run-in with a feisty young lady while on his adventure. I won’t say much about her, except that she’s a storm chaser on an adventure of her own, and they have quite the clash when the storm comes ashore.

I’m sure there are other songs out there with a similar theme, and I’ll be adding more songs as the story takes shape. What’s your favorite song that mentions bad weather? Let me know in the comments!