25 Days of Christmas Memories – Day 11


December 11

Advent. I probably should have done this one early on, but whatever. One of my favorite parts of the Christmas season was always the Advent devotionals we did at church in the Sundays leading up to Christmas. A large wreath holding three purple and one pink candle sat in the middle of the altar. Each Sunday, a different family would come to the front of the church to do the devotional. One person would read the meditation, another the Scripture and prayer, and one would light the candle. Such a simple little ritual, but one that was so meaningful. I always felt more spiritually prepared for Christmas after attending an Advent service.

After getting married, I began attending my husband’s church, which didn’t observe Advent, at least not in the tangible way my home church did. It’s something I greatly miss, and more and more, I feel disconnected from Christmas. I bought my own Advent wreath at some point, and I tried doing my own devotional at home, but it’s just not the same without a body of believers.

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