25 Days of Christmas Memories – Day 7


December 7

Christmas TV specials. Who doesn’t remember all the animated Christmas specials that began airing after Thanksgiving? As kids, my brother and I waited anxiously for Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (my favorite, since I was obsessed with every kind of deer), A Charlie Brown Christmas, and Frosty the Snowman. When we were growing up, we obviously didn’t have the hundreds of channels we have now; we had maybe 5 or 6, tops. Almost all the Christmas specials we watched aired on CBS, which for us was Channel 21, WHP.


I can’t recall how old I was when a new Christmas special aired–or maybe it wasn’t new, but I just hadn’t seen it before: Nestor the Long-Eared Donkey. Like Rudolph, it dealt with a youngster who was different and therefore bullied, and who had to find his place in the world. While I don’t think it ever replaced Rudolph or Charlie Brown among my favorites, it still made an impact on me, long before I ever encountered being bullied myself. On a funny note, that year, or the year after, I don’t remember which, my brother and sister-in-law got me a stuffed donkey for Christmas, and of course I named it Nestor.

What was your favorite Christmas TV special?


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