Ley Lines Churches & Ghosts

The Curious Fortean

One of my favorite things to do is to get out and about in search of oddities, maybe looking around locations that are supposed to be haunted or perhaps looking for out of place animals or visiting ancient sites that are full of legends, myths and monsters. I’m very lucky to live in an area that is full of these things and much more, and I’m also very lucky to have a good friend who also enjoys these forays into forteana.

It was last Wednesday that my friend Ed sent me a message via Facebook to let me know that he, unexpectedly had the next two days off of work and would I like to try a bit of ley dowsing. As I myself had no work the following Friday I jumped at the chance and arrangements were made.

So Friday morning came and I made the journey from my…

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4 thoughts on “Ley Lines Churches & Ghosts

  1. It’s the third in a paranormal mystery series. The main character, Kyrie, inherits a house in upstate Pennsylvania, in an area where the people are very backwoodsy and superstitious. The house is haunted by at least one spirit, and there are stories about strange power vortices and some buried treasure. I was doing some research to see if there are any ley lines or other phenomena in that area.


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