Between Silence and Fire–Kristan Cannon


Kristan Cannon, author of the novel After Oil, is releasing her third novel in the Sudbury set Kingdom of Walden Series. In Between Silence and Fire, the action heats up as Derek, Sheridan and Garrett fight against both a tyrant to their east and nature itself. War is brewing on the horizon and the author states that not everyone will survive.
Kristan Cannon is a staunch supporter of literacy and independent artists and writers, an active member of the Indie Writer’s network, and a member of the NaNoWriMo Ambassador’s program. She wrote both all three books during three separate NaNoWriMo events.
Readers of her books have expressed great enthusiasm for the series so far and love that the books takes place in Sudbury, Ontario.
“I set the series in Sudbury—while it’s post-apocalyptic and deals with the fall of civilization–I saw that the people here would band together and support each other. You don’t see the same sense of community in many larger cities. Somehow Sudbury has managed to be a big city with all the perks but yet a small town at its heart.” – Kristan Cannon
Kristan Cannon became fascinated with the post-apocalyptic genre through games such as Fallout, and books such as The Day of the Triffids (a book Kristan admits was the “one of the best books I was forced to read”) by John Wyndam, but she admits her own writing is heavily influenced by authors Margaret Atwood and Elizabeth Moon. Born and raised in Northern Ontario, Kristan decided to set her books in the North after moving to Toronto and missing her home. More information about Kristan Cannon and her books can be found on her website at


Third book in the Kingdom of Walden Series



Four years ago Derek Moss formed the Rangers of Walden to protect the last spark of civilization from those who would see it all vanish into dust.

Now, Colonel Harnet has encroached into the borders. He has one aim on his mind–taking the last barrier between him and total control over the whole Region.


Communities once free are slowly falling under the tyranny of Colonel Harnet. Those who resist are brutally dispersed. Survivors are forced to flee to new safe havens or into communities who have bowed under the pressure.

One last one remains–the small enclave of survivors led by Russell Wither on the shore of Richard Lake.


When Harnet’s soldiers strike deep into the heart of the Kingdom of Walden, tragedy soon follows.

Fanning the flames of war is the knowledge that they cannot leave their allies with only silence as an answer.



Kristan Cannon is a hybrid author with credits including novels, novellas, numerous short stories as well as two blogs, Kristan’s Desk and Lone Wolf Books & Review (for Lone Wolf Books, a bookstore she co-owns with her father and fellow artist, Greg Cannon).

She was born in April 1980 in Kirkland Lake, Ontario and educated in North Bay and Toronto. She has been writing since the age of thirteen under the pen names Selena Grey and Meredith Hayes. In 2014 she dropped the pen names in time to release the Special “Anime North” Edition of After Oil and re-launch her writing blog.

Kristan is a staunch supporter of literacy, reading, and young writer’s programs. She also holds a current membership with The Indie Writer’s Network and is a member of the NaNoWriMo Ambassador’s program.

Her inspiration for writing came from her love of reading. She loved to read so voraciously that one of her school teachers pointed out that she should write her own stories before she read through the school’s entire library. This sparked another beloved hobby—one of research, and asking questions to seek out those answers on her own.


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