Witch of Willow Lake–Cover and Blurb Reveal

We’re finally in the home stretch! I’m still working on the novel itself (a few plot twists jumped in, which means I’ve had to rewrite scenes and change the ending), but I’ve got a stunning new cover done by Ravenborn, as well as the blurb.

Isn’t it exciting to have the first visual of the ruggedly-handsome Spook Steele? I love what Raven did with his expression in this shot–he’s looking at Kyr as though he knows she’s hiding something. Could it be something she found in the book she holds?



A book of local folklore may hold the key to solving a mystery…

Left with unanswered questions after the paranormal investigation at Willow Lake College, Kyrie Carter vows to discover the events leading up to the fire in Appleton Hall’s bell tower that took Mary Bollinger’s life in 1958. Her research leads to a book of legends written by a local historian. Kyr’s sense of obligation borders on obsession as she redoubles her efforts to locate the out-of-print book. She is cautiously optimistic when the book arrives anonymously to her workplace.

…but is it also a portal for an evil from the past?

Almost immediately, Kyr is plagued by terrifying visions—a cabin in the woods,  a mysterious woman who calls to her, ominous words chanted in an unfamiliar language. Discovering evidence of a witch in Willow Lake’s past leads Kyr to believe her visions are more than bad dreams, and that there is more to Mary Bollinger’s story than anyone realized.

When Mary’s fiancé, Warren McKnight, agrees to break his decades-long silence about the fire, Kyr and Spook return to Willow Lake. Something in Warren’s account of that tragic night tells Kyr that she was not the witch’s first target, and she will not be the last, unless she can find a way to defeat the evil spirit.


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