Cakes I Have Baked

I used to love baking. I’d come up with some clever idea for the kids’ birthday cakes and try to bake up this masterpiece. Usually it was more epic fail than epic, but then I guess that’s part of the family fun. For today’s Daily Post, I’d like to share a few of my favorites.


This is the Scooby Doo cake I made for my older son’s 4th birthday. I searched high and low for a Wilton cake pan for the base and then did the best I could with the frosting part. It came out okay, I guess.


This was the cake I made for my younger son’s 3rd birthday. As you might have guessed, he was really into trains at the time, so I came up with this idea on my own. Again, not epic, but he enjoyed it.


This was one that I kind of count as an epic fail because it may look cute, but really didn’t taste good at all. I decided to be clever and bake a cake for the 100th anniversary of the bra. Hey, don’t judge me; it was all over Facebook, and I wanted to be creative. I baked it in a Pyrex bowl, which didn’t work AT ALL. I just couldn’t figure out the length of time to bake it, and it came out dry around the edges and barely done in the middle. Yeah, this one left me feeling like a boob.

I haven’t baked much in recent years, well at least not creatively. I keep it simple now by just baking out of a box and being done with it. Maybe I’ll pick it up again someday.



4 thoughts on “Cakes I Have Baked

    • Lol, I wish I had pictures of the epic fail dinosaur cookies I made for Wesley’s 6th birthday, for him to take to his class. I don’t know what I did wrong, but they didn’t come out as dinosaur shapes at all; they were just big blobs. I got all upset over it, and next thing Wesley wails, “Oh no! My birthday is ruined!” It’s funny now, but it was devastating back then.


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