It was a dream weekend…

Kyrie Carter enters a Halloween-themed radio contest and wins a spot on a paranormal investigation at the Berkeley mansion, a local haunted house. Leading the investigation are Drac and Gabe Petery, stars of the hit show Project Boo-Seekers. Kyr can’t wait to be alone in the dark with her celebrity crush, Gabe.

…that turned into a nightmare.

Almost immediately, things take a turn for the worst. Fellow contest winners Andy and Kyle contemptuously dub her “Newbie,” and the Peterys’ behind-the-scenes teammate Spook Steele seems to have a chip on his shoulder whenever Kyr is around.

Most unsettling of all is the aggressive, vengeful spirit of Jeremiah Berkeley, who targets Kyr after she discovers evidence of a century-old murder at the mansion. She and Steele must put their differences aside to solve the mystery before Jeremiah silences Kyr for good.

*** Author’s note: THE NEWBIE was previously released by Booktrope Publishing as THE NEWBIE, A KYRIE CARTER PARANORMAL MYSTERY, BOOK 1. This version contains the same plot; the only change is that there is a bit more of Kyrie’s back story added to give her character more depth and to set the stage for things that happen in coming books. ***

The Newbie

by Leta P. Hawk


Kyrie Carter: Supernatural Sleuth


Paranormal Mystery



Publication Date

July 15, 2016

Available on: Kobo, Scribd, Tolino, Apple ibooks, and Page Foundry. Paperback version coming soon!

100_4351 (2)

Leta Hawk had her first encounter with a ghost at four years of age. Since then, she has been fascinated with ghoulies and ghosties and all things that go bump in the night, and now she writes about them. She lives vicariously as a supernatural sleuth through her Kyrie Carter Paranormal Mystery series.

When Leta isn’t penning spooky stories, she can be found rounding up dust bunnies, or tackling Mt. Dishmore and Laundrypile Peak in her Central Pennsylvania home, which she shares with her husband Mike, sons Wesley and Wayde, and black lab Raven (but no ghosts).


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