Moonlight and Shadows


**I’m in the process of moving posts from a couple blogs I don’t use anymore over to this one.**

This is a poem, or a piece of a poem, that I found lurking in a pocket-sized notebook I had lying in a drawer. I don’t know when I wrote it, but judging by the theme, it had to be around sophomore or junior year of college.

I far prefer a moonlit night
To a bright and sunny day.
I’d rather stroll a darksome path
Than spend the noon in play.

The stars are more a friend to me
Than sunny skies of blue,
And moonlight’s gentle silver glow
Is more trustworthy, too.

For in the dark, my faults are hid,
And secrets remain so,
While daylight reveals everything
I don’t want them to know.


5 thoughts on “Moonlight and Shadows

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