Grandma Katie’s Quilts


Patch by colorful patch
She pieces them together–
Red-and-black plaid here,
Blue calico there–
Making kaliedescope patterns
On a background of white.

She learned her craft
As a little girl,
No bigger than the granddaughter
Gazing over top
Of the quilt frame.
“Children then didn’t have TV,”
Grandma Katie says.
“We spent spare time
Practicing tiny stitches
By hand on scrap cloth.”

Before the age of twelve,
She had pieced a quilt that went with her
When the tapestry of her life
Grew to include another.

“A quilt is thrift sewn together with love.
Scraps of cloth weren’t wasted,
But laid aside
To craft winter warmth.”

Grandma Katie’s long-ago childhood
Slowly took shape for the spellbound child
As each patch was lovingly placed
Into her newest quilt.

As the aged crafter’s hair
The metallic hue of her needle,
Her fingers no longer
Fly across the fabric.
Still, her craft continues.

Though the stitches may be
And not as tiny as they once were,
A beautiful blanket of love
Is still presented for
Every wedding, every birth
That adds a patch to this family quilt.



One thought on “Grandma Katie’s Quilts

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