Dance of the Skies

The skies have fascinated me for as long as I can remember. From childhood all the way into young adulthood, I often spent hours gazing at stars on summer–or even winter–nights. The dance of constellations across the sky tickled my imagination, and I came to view them as friends, especially Orion, whom I still greet on frosty winter nights when I walk the dog. Someday I will have a fancy camera to take pictures of my nighttime visions.


Weather, too, creates a dance in the sky that I am compelled to watch. Clouds and colors, snow and rain, all create their own intricate steps. The photo above was taken the day before the January 2016 blizzard began. “Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning.” We don’t live in an area where sailors work; still the saying is familiar, and the dance of red, pink, and orange that morning proved correct an old adage.


Fog is often beautiful as it obscures my surroundings. While I don’t like driving in it, especially at night, I do love watching it swirl along the mountains near our home.


Extreme weather both interests and terrifies me. I went outside one summer evening and saw these mammatus clouds swirling above my house. I had seen many photos of them and thought they were beautiful, but I never expected to see them here in Pennsylvania. I almost felt dizzy as I watched them; the scene was so surreal.

The skies provide the perfect stage for the never-ending dance of wind and weather, and sun, moon, and stars.




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