Getting Seasonal


Daily PostGetting Seasonal

Do you miss the holiday season when it’s months away? When you’re in the midst of holiday madness, do you enjoy it, or can’t wait for it to be over?

Yesterday, I grabbed a MacIntosh apple out of the fridge as a quick pick-me-up snack while I was writing. I took my first bite…and was immediately transported to October. “MacIntosh apples taste like autumn,” I thought as I enjoyed my snack.

And then there is was.

The little kid in me was skipping ahead to the holiday season, which in my mind begins with Labor Day. I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking that the months of September through December (or January, if you want to count New Year) are just a tumble-jumble of holidays in quick succession. When I was a child in school, it seemed we barely got the school year off to a start, before we were coloring ships for Columbus Day, then making ghosts, jack-o’lanterns, and black cats for Halloween, followed by Pilgrims, Indians (sorry, Native Americans), and turkeys for Thanksgiving, and finally Christmas trees, snowflakes, and Santas for Christmas.

It was fun back then, and to an extent, it’s still fun now. Along about September, I begin to get excited again for the upcoming holidays. I start scouring the craft stores for yarn, paints, fabric, and whatever else I can find to whip up fun crafts.I align my wardrobe for whatever the next special day is, and I listen to the appropriate music.

And I do miss the holiday season when it’s past. Winter somehow seems so long–after Christmas, the days seem to drag–and even summer feels like it goes along forever. At least we have Valentine’s Day and Easter, but those two days just don’t carry the weight of excitement like The Big Three–Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

So if you happen to see me along about the middle of March, and I’m singing Halloween songs or Christmas carols, don’t worry; I haven’t cracked up. I’m just getting a bit seasonal.

Getting Seasonal



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