Review–Angels in Seashore Cove


“Angels in Seashore Cove” by Maggie Van Well follows best friends Sean Donovan and Dianna Sheldon in Seashore Cove, Long Island. In college, Dianna and some friends started the Saving It Sisters, promising to remain virgins until they found The One. With her thirtieth birthday fast approaching and no prospects in sight, Dianna decides she’s going to break that pledge. Sean, though a wild child and a bit of a womanizer, stands in her way, unwilling to let her make a mistake that she will regret for the rest of her life. What neither realizes is that they are soulmates, meant for each other.

Thank God for Divine Intervention! Sean and Dianna share a guardian angel, Adriel, who cannot stand to see his charges miss out on their happily ever after. Adriel and Archangel Jude enlist a couple of rookies from Heaven who will help guide the hapless soulmates as they discover their love for each other. Maybe, just maybe, as they help Sean and Dianna, they might put to rights their own life mistakes.

*     *     *    *

Overall, this was a wonderful story. The characters of Sean and Dianna were so well developed that I got attached to them. I hurt when they hurt, rejoiced when they rejoiced, and got angry when they got angry. At the same time, there were instances where I wanted to knock the daylights out of both of them. Their stubbornness, while somewhat understandable, drove me crazy, and it helped move the plot forward.

Jack and Angie, the pair of rookie souls brought back from heaven to help Sean and Dianna find themselves, were equally engaging. The story actually began where their earthly story ended. Without giving too much away, I was so heartbroken by the end of their story that I almost didn’t continue reading, as I could see no way for things to ever be well with them again.

Another thing I found enjoyable in this story was the way it wove in spiritual things without getting preachy. It was realistic, and all the characters had their good points and bad points, their strengths and their foibles. It’s important to note that some liberties were taken with theology in describing what went on in heaven, but for me, that didn’t detract from the story at all.

So if you want a light-hearted romance with real characters and lots of emotional appeal, this is an excellent choice.

I give this novel five out of five stars.


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