30 Days In The Word – #BibleJournalingChallenge

I’m looking for ways to get excited about Scripture again. Since I consider myself creative, I thought this was a cool idea. I also like the idea of doing this in a group, maybe even something similar to those find-raising paint nights.

Christian Shelf-Esteem

See my follow up post: 

30 Days Later — #BibleJournalingChallenge #FCJournaling


30 Days In The Word
#BibleJournalingChallenge August 3rd-September 2nd

Getting into the Word, meditating on it, letting it permeate our souls – that’s what this is about. An outward sign of our inward reflection, transformation, and worship.

For 1 month you will pledge to read the Word everyday (any book) and also to create one piece of #biblejournaling worship art each of the 4 weeks. Along the way we will share our art and what God has laid on our hearts.

I invite you to submit 1 photo of your scripture/worship art and a blurb (150 words or less) describing why you chose a particular portion of scripture. To be published in a blog post during September – following the challenge.
Add your works and a description to the Pinterest board I’ve set up exclusively for the Challenge…

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