Pobody’s Nerfect



First, let me say that I did NOT watch the Miss Universe Pageant last night. Honestly, I didn’t even know it was on, since it’s not something that interests me in the least. Of course, as is the case for just about everyone on social media, I did hear about the Steve Harvey snafu. And as is the case with any newsworthy (or not-so-newsworthy) event mentioned on social media, it seems that everyone has an opinion about what happened. Not surprisingly, I’ve read comments that run the gamut from “Don’t sweat it, Steve. Everyone makes mistakes,” to “Steve Harvey is the biggest joke on television,” and everything in between. I’ve read that it’s some kind of conspiracy (Really? Is Bigfoot behind it?), and one poster commented that he now has to worry about being questioned when he travels to Colombia next month (Because the entire country will hold a random tourist personally responsible for Steve Harvey’s flub? I guess?).

I suppose I could comment here about how typical it is for social media making it inevitable that this incident is being made more of an issue than it really is. That there are any number of issues that we should be more concerned about than Steve Harvey misreading a cue card.

But I won’t.

The only reason the incident even registered on my radar (well, besides the fact that the headline keeps popping up on my Facebook news feed) is that my son had a less-than-stellar violin performance at church yesterday, so the whole “Oops Factor” seemed to be in full swing.


Thankfully, it wasn’t the first time he had played, but it was the first time he missed a note while playing and then got flustered for a moment before recovering. Needless to say, he wasn’t too happy with himself.

And thankfully, folks at church were more forgiving towards him than a lot of people are being towards Steve Harvey. Everyone who spoke to him said that it happens to everyone and to not let it discourage him. I assured him that even the pros trip up, screw up, and have rough spots in their performances.

So I’d just like to say, to my son AND to Steve Harvey: Such is life. Nobody is perfect; everyone makes mistakes. A year from now (heck probably a week from now), no one will even remember this.

***And just for the record, our camera got in on the act by putting the incorrect date on the photo. C’est la vie.***



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