My Top 10 Fall Foods

Yes, I know that Fall—or Autumn, as some prefer to call it—is still a few weeks away, but that doesn’t mean I’m not already there in spirit. I’m already planning my fall wardrobe, picking up new fall décor items, and yes, thinking about all the yummy fall treats. Here is my list of the 10 foods that just scream “Fall Is Here!”

  1. Gingerbread.

With lots of whipped cream. I like gingerbread year-round, but a tasty square of gingerbread on a fall night is just a slice of heaven.



2. Apple cider.

Hot or cold, it doesn’t matter to me. From the very first sip of tangy, spicy apple goodness, I’m carried back to October evenings at our church’s Halloween parties and square dances.



3. Apple butter.

Like a lot of the other foods on this list, apple butter is available here year-round. Still, in my mind (and on my tongue), this just tastes better in the fall.



4. Caramel apples.

Yes, these are also a staple at a lot of the carnivals and summer street fairs where I live, but making my own from apples bought at a roadside stand or local orchard is such a wonderful fall memory.



5. Pumpkin roll.

I may be the weird one here, but I am generally not a big fan of all things pumpkin. Pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice lattes, all those things leave me cold, but a slice of pumpkin roll after a homemade Thanksgiving dinner hits the spot.



6. Hot chocolate.

Again, a favorite that carries over into winter, but a steaming mug of hot chocolate brings back memories of sitting in the stands with the marching band at football games.



7. Candy corn.

And all the other assorted shapes found in a bag of harvest mix. One of my earliest memories of enjoying this candy is in 2nd grade at my class Halloween party.



8. Molasses cookies.

Another treat that isn’t necessarily “autumn-y,” but they make me think of fall because it’s one of the things I start baking as soon as the weather begins to cool off in late September.



9. Cranberry sauce.

No matter what time of year I eat this, it always brings to mind turkey, stuffing, and hot rolls fresh from the oven.



10. Soup/stew.

Yes, I eat soup all year long, but I really start to crave a good, hearty vegetable soup when the first frost coats the ground.



What’s your favorite fall treat? Leave your answer in the comments.




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