Compendium of Biography – Charles Ingalls

The Cottonwood Tree

Charles Ingalls Biography ButtonOver the next several months, The Cottonwood Tree will be gradually adding to a series of resources from historical texts, which are relevant to the life and times of Laura Ingalls Wilder. We hope these resources will be of interest to our readers.

We are starting with relevant sections from Memorial and Biographical Record, An Illustrated Compendium of Biography, published in 1898 by G.A. Ogle and Company. It contains a “series of biographical sketches of prominent old settlers and representative citizens of South Dakota with a review of their life work”.

But first, a word of advice. You are welcome to use these pieces; but please remember that although the publisher states the articles were derived directly from liaison with individual subjects, the articles themselves are not primary sources. Like most short professional biographies, there is a limit to how long they can be – and the individuals in question…

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