Mug Shots

Like most writers, I live on a steady diet of coffee and the occasional hot tea. So naturally, I have a whole collection of mugs to choose from when I need my morning (or afternoon, or after dinner) caffeine fix. Just for fun today, I thought I’d showcase a few of my favorite mugs.

1. This is probably the first mug I actually bought for myself. 100_4120  I got it at Boscov’s at the Susquehanna Valley Mall when I was a freshman in college. I had been following the Royal Family since Prince Charles and Lady Diana married in 1981, and if memory serves me correctly, at the time I bought this mug, I was still working on forgiving Prince Andrew for choosing Sarah Ferguson over me. But I still held high hopes of being someone’s princess someday, even though I knew it was a hard, thankless job. 🙂

2. I received this mug as a gift from my college roommate and her sister when I got my teaching degree from Lock Haven University.  100_4122 They obviously knew my offbeat sense of humor and found this mug to be both affirming and amusing. What’s really funny is that during my seminary days a decade later, I found a similar one for pastors online. No, I didn’t buy that one.

3. This is another gift.  100_4123 I taught Grammar and Writing with the local homeschool cooperative one year, and one of my students went on a missions trip to Colombia just before Christmas break. He brought back a bag of Colombian coffee and tucked it into this mug. It’s not a fancy mug, and it’s not clever, but I think of this student whenever I pull it from the cupboard.

4. These mugs came with me when we cleaned out my parents’ belongings after my mom died eight years ago.  100_4124 I had bought this set of mugs for my parents’ anniversary when I was nine or ten. They cost all of a dollar each, and another set of mugs was probably the last thing they needed, but for some reason I liked the colors and the designs. I don’t know that I ever saw them use these, but I often do. Like the previous mug, these remind me of my parents whenever I sip my morning coffee from them.

5. Obviously this one is a souvenir. 100_4125  I got this one free because we stayed at Oceans 7 Motel in Ocean City, NJ. That was quite the memorable vacation for a couple reasons. First of all, my not-quite-two-year-old son, who refused to wear his shoes on a wooden walkway, got an enormous splinter in his foot. Not wanting to find an urgent care facility, I numbed his foot with an ice pack so I could remove the splinter myself. The second reason this was such a memorable vacation was that we arrived at the beach on the heels of an offshore hurricane (can’t recall which one, maybe Hanna?). We weren’t allowed out on the beach for a day, but we got close enough to watch the storm passing off the coast.

Do you have a favorite mug or mugs? Share a photo and the story behind it below.


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