Faerie Ring in My Yard


I went outside this morning to do some gardening, and I noticed this lovely ring of dandelions in our back yard. We have a similar ring on the other side of the back lot, but it’s not quite as perfect as this one. While most people will likely look and grumble, “Weeds! I hate them!” I happen to love them.

My first thought was, of course, that it looks like a faerie ring. Now, I know that faerie rings are usually associated with fungi, but I tend to believe that a magical being such as a faerie could make rings out of anything it wanted to. After all, they are of nature, and dandelions and other flowers are of nature, so whyever not?

Make no mistake, I will certainly be keeping an eye on that spot on the next moonlit night. Who knows? Maybe I will be honored to witness the faerie folk dancing in the moonlight.

Would you care to join me?


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