This Winter Night

A night not fit for man nor beast, yet

The dog dances at the door,

Her nightly routine

Unaffected by the cold.

I open the door—

Out she goes!

I hesitate, reluctant to leave

The cozy warmth of the living room.

I step onto the deck, and my eyes follow

Raven zigzagging

Through the yard,

Her black form conspicuous

Against the snow-covered ground.

Old North Wind rushes in,

Scattering fallen snow like fairy dust

Across frozen fields.

Swirls of snowflakes sparkle diamondlike

In the porch light’s glow.

My eyes drift heavenward

To the cloudless sky alight with stars.

Orion stands sentinel

In the western sky, the Milky Way

A mantle cascading across his shoulders;

Even the hunter

Seeks warmth on this winter night.

A lone owl hoots

From some distant tree,

And I bid him well, knowing his prey

Likely eludes him in this cold.

Taking a cue from Orion,

I draw my own coat closer and call for the dog.

My whistle shatters the icy silence;

Raven ceases sniffing

And turns,

Her paws crunching across crusted snow.

She bounds up the steps,

And I open the door—

In she goes!

I pause, reluctant to leave

The frozen beauty of this night.

North Wind rushes in once more, and I shiver in surrender.

Orion winks wordlessly

As I bid him farewell and retreat inside.

One thought on “This Winter Night

  1. There is something about night time and the snow. It’s beautiful and you described it perfectly! I too hate to have my dogs go out on cold nights. It’s a necessary but grueling task at times.


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